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Alexander Frederick Harris:
(1897 - 1974)

Alec Harris's materialisation and direct-voice mediumship astounded those who witnessed it. His wife, Louie, recorded the details of her husband's work in a fascinating book entitled They Walked Among Us.

One sitter who attended a seance in Alec's home in the Whitchurch area of Cardiff, which is the capital city of Wales, remarked, 'The materialised people came out of the cabinet sometimes two or three at a time. On that amazing night, about twenty fully-materialised forms greeted us and spoke with us, quite naturally. After a while you forgot you were conversing with so-called "dead" people'.

In the mid 20th-Century, the editor of Psychic News, Maurice Barbanell said of Alec's mediumship that 'the spirit forms not only show themselves in good red light, but they also hold sustained conversations after having walked about ten feet from the cabinet'.

But in the early days of his spiritual awakening, Alec Harris at first refused to accept the idea that he might possess such a rare mediumistic gift: his family were Welsh Christians of the 'dyed-in-the-wool' kind. Born and bred in Treherbert in the Rhondda Valley in South Wales, where Christianity was most certainly the order of the day, Alec wanted nothing to do with 'meddling' with the dead or with the religion of Spiritualism.

But then his sister, Connie, died then subsequently returned to her family when Alec attended a seance conducted by the remarkable Scottish physical medium Helen Duncan. His sister's spirit-return encouraged him to sit for the development of his own spiritual gifts and he became one of the finest materialisation mediums to emerge from Great Britain in the 20th-Century.

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During the production of materialised spirit forms, Alec's spirit guides usually took him into a deep-trance state, and the sitters were able to clearly see him sitting on his chair (bound hand and foot) inside the 'cabinet'. The seance room was bathed in good red light while the materialised spirit people walked around and spoke with their loved ones.

At one memorable seance attended by Sir Alexander Cannon, Sir Alex spoke to two spirit forms who were Tibetans and these conversations were held in their native tongue, which was unknown to Alec Harris or any of the other persons present at the seance. And Prof. T J Haarhoff, who was a professor of classics, conversed with another materialised spirit who spoke to him in ancient Greek.

Like other physical mediums before him, Alec was treated badly by sceptics who simply could not admit the possibility that what they were seeing with their own eyes was genuine phenomena, and the medium was hurt in a seance in South Africa when a journalist grabbed an ectoplasmic spirit-form while other members of the press set off flashlights without permission.

Alec Harris's book is called
They Walked Among Us, by Louie Harris:

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