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Physical Medium

John Boaden (Jack) Webber
(1907 - March 9th, 1940)

Jack Webber was a Welsh ex-miner, born into a Christian family in Loughor, South Wales, who went on to develop deep trance physical mediumship which included the levitation of objects, the production of spirit voices and materialised forms, the transmission of spiritual healing powers, and the presentation of spirit gifts - known as apports - to his sitters: these apports were often small ornaments or sacred religious artefacts.

In his psychic circles, spirit voices spoke to their loved ones through seance trumpets (conical aluminium structures) and also independently of these, often addressing their relatives in their own languages. On occasions, threeseparate spirit voices were heard to speak simultaneously.

In Mr Webber's presence the seance trumpets flew around the room at great speed and travelled way up to the ceiling, moving with remarkable accuracy and never harming anyone.

Although Jack Webber worked mainly in private home circles, on occasion he also demonstrated his abilities in public halls to audiences of up to five hundred people.

Working in deep trance, and declining the use of any seance cabinet or curtained-off area, he was always securely tied to his chair before a seance began in order to satisfy sceptical investigators who were present in his circles.

Infra-red flashlight photographs were taken of his phenomena, and a series of these shows the medium's coat being supernormally removed by spirit operators, who dematerialise it through the tightly-secured ropes and then throw it into the room. This normally impossible task indicated the presence of invisible intelligences at work, and therefore pointed to an existence of the soul after death.

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Two photographs showing some of the physical phenomena produced in the seance-room through Jack Webber's deep trance mediumship.

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Above left: Ectoplasm (a fluid-like substance which is extracted from the medium and sitters by the spirit operators) streams from Mr Webber who is in a deep trance state, and it forms itself into a supernormal 'voice-box' structure through which the spirit visitors can then make themselves heard.

Above right: A table weighing 45lbs is levitated into the air by invisible forces. These photographs were taken with the permission of Mr Webber's spirit guides: Black Cloud (a Mohawk Indian), Reuben (a South American schoolmaster), and Paddy (a young lad).

Other 'behind the scenes' spirit guides of Mr Webber's were: Malodar, a healer; Talgar; Revd John Boaden, a great-uncle to the medium; and Dr Millar and Professor Dale, whose work was mainly concerned with building up the materialisations.

Reuben's baritone voice was once recorded by the Decca Record Co., Ltd.
The Book about Jack Webber's work is called:

The Mediumship of Jack Webber.
Written by Harry Edwards it ontains 36 photographs of the physical phenomena produced through the medium.


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