A Woman of Spirit

1918 - September 2003

When she was twelve years old, Doris Collins heard a disembodied voice that saved her sister Lily's life.

In adulthood, Doris toured Britain, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA and Europe to demonstrate her abilities of healing and mediumship.

She released three books:

A Woman of Spirit
The Power Within
Positive Forces

Doris was a down-to-earth, no nonsense kind of person, and these characteristics were reflected in the direct style of her stage presentation. Her public meetings usually started with clairvoyance which was then followed by a spiritual healing demonstration.

Doris was friendly with showbusiness personalities such as Michael Bentine, Peter Sellers, and Frankie Howerd; and her publishers promoted her as 'clairvoyant to the stars'.

For several years, Doris was the President of The Surrey Healers Association, England..

top of columns

At one time, Doris worked for the UK newspaper The Sun, answering readers' questions.

She made public appearances on television and radio, and also at the Royal Albert Hall in London. At one theatre she announced candidly to the audience, 'Although I am known as a clairvoyant, first and foremost - I am a healer.'

Doris passed over in 2003.

In A Woman of Spirit, she offers a caution to all aspiring mediums and healers:

"To develop psychic powers by whatever means is highly dangerous unless one acknowledges the Supreme Power, the source of all life.

"The searcher after truth and revelation must be prompted by the highest motives. Of course we mortals do not always achieve this ideal but when developing, it is essential to have the will to serve humanity.

"Development for selfish reasons cannot have beneficial results in the long run."