Mind-Energy Healing

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Betty Shine passed over
on 26th March 2002,
aged 73 years.

Betty Shine wrote that she was guided by a spirit voice from the age of two onwards, but the bulk of her work in adulthood was done privately in one-to-one consultations. She was not greatly interested in giving clairvoyant demonstrations, as she recounted in her autobiography; but she often did clairvoyant diagnosis.

First and foremost, Betty was a healing channel who believed in the power of the mind and in the healing energy it contains.

Betty advocated that if we used the latent energies in our minds more proficiently, then we could obtain all kinds of wonderful results, both in the realm of health and in the realm of achieving happiness and life-contentment here on Earth.

She believed in positive thinking but she also administered healing to many people through the laying-on-of-hands.

Betty also offered her patients colour-healing therapy and vitamin and mineral therapy; though in later life she concentrated more on writing books and on delivering thought-energies to the suffering by adding them to her 'healing energy-network', through which the healing power was then 'beamed' to her readers. Betty believed in creative visualisation and that the use of mental imagery could achieve positive results in everyone who tried it.

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Betty writes:

"It is up to every one of us to seek knowledge, improve the power of our mind, and discover what we are really capable of. With the expansion of the mind come health, excitement and positivity and - very important - independence and self-reliance.

"Never give up. Keep trying. Life is full of fascinating things waiting for you to discover them.

"Challenge! That is the word that has inspired me throughout my life. Why don't you take up the challenge of helping to make this world a better place to live in?"

Betty Shine's books are:

Mind to Mind (1989)
Mind Magic (1991)
Mind Waves (1993)
Mind Workbook
My Life as a Medium (1996)
The Infinite Mind
Clear your Mind
Free your Mind
A Mind of Your Own (1998)
A Free Spirit (2002)