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A Tribute to
Psychic Artist

The acclaimed British psychic artist, Coral Polge, passed into the spirit world on 29th April 2001 in Surrey, England. Coral had given 54 years of service to people in the world of the spirit.

Take a look at the two psychic portraits on the right and compare them to the photographs of these communcators in life.

Coral Polge travelled around the globe to promote the message of the survival of the soul after death, and her book Living Images contains startling examples of her work.

On hearing the news of her passing, the British medium, healer and author Stephen O'Brien, with whom she'd worked many times, wrote a tribute to her work in Psychic News. In it he said of her:

'She raised the spiritual awareness of her audiences. Huge crowds of people sat entranced as, from out of nowhere, their loved ones’ faces appeared again before their tearful eyes. Mourners were comforted; broken hearts were mended; and her delighted recipients were always thrilled with their sketches. Her mediumistic skills will be praised as highly as they will be missed. Coral Polge has earned her place as one of the twentieth century’s most outstanding psychic artists.'

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Two Examples of Coral Polge's
Psychic Portraiture:

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Above: the father of Kay Hunter, who wrote Living Images with Coral Polge. Coral knew nothing of the writer's family history prior to drawing this sketch.

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Above: the son of Mrs Bayles of Rhodesia (S. Africa). The boy died while having an operation to correct his broken nose, which is shown in the psychic portrait as being in slightly better shape in his spirit body.
This drawing was done as a 'postal reading'.


(Living Images was written by Coral Polge, with Kay Hunter, and has appeared in several editions in several languages:


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