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Lilian Bailey

Deep-Trance Medium
Lilian Bailey was a deep trance medium who gave survival evidence to many notable personalities in the 20th-Century. Kings and Princes consulted her because of her gift which allowed communicators from the next world to speak to their loved ones on Earth.

Her many clients included "The World's Sweetheart" Mary Pickford, filmstar of the silent screen; Hollywood actress Merle Oberon of Wuthering Heights fame; the inimitable Mae West; and one of Canada's Premiers, Mr MacKenzie King, plus members of the British Royal Family.

Lilian recalls she was once approached by a lady who asked her if she would give a consultation "to a group of VIPs" in London. She agreed, was blindfolded in a limousine, and then driven to a secret venue.

She was ushered into a building and invited to sit down. She thought she heard a rustling of skirts at this time; then, still unable to see, she fell into trance . . .

After the seance, upon removing the blindfold she discovered she was in an elegant drawing-room seated before Queen Elizabeth, the late Queen Mother, and other senior members of the British Royal Family.

She learned that during her deep-trance state, the late King George VI had controlled her and had spoken to the Queen Mother, and this was to be the first of several such seances.

The Queen Mother was so impressed with Lilian Bailey's mediumship that she took a gold brooch from her dress and presented it to the medium, saying, ' I would like you to accept this.'

Elizabeth, the late Queen Mother,

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who lived to be 101 years old.

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King George VI, of course, knew all about mediums when he was alive. When his speech therapist, Lionel Logue, had told him that he'd visited mediums to seek evidence of his wife's survival after death, the King was not shocked; in fact he was supportive and remarked, "My family are no strangers to Spiritualism."

Queen Victoria had regularly sat with her personal medium and close friend, John Brown.


Lilian Bailey had two main spirit-helpers. The first was a young soldier named William Hedley Wootton, an ex-Grenadier Guards' Captain who had been killed in France in 1914-18 War. From beyond death, William gave his mother's full name and address, and a letter from his parents in Boston, USA, verified his existence. Lilian also obtained a spirit photograph of her guide via the mediumship of William Hope.

The second spirit-control was a Cingalese girl who liked to be called 'Poppet'.

When asked about what her mediumship had taught her, Lilian replied:

'I am so sure that life goes on after death. It is not a hope - it is an absolute conviction. There is no question in my mind that we shall meet, and be with, those whom we love.'


Lilian Bailey's life-story is called Death is Her Life, written by W.F. Neech.
There is another Lilian Bailey book, called:
Teachings Through the Mediumship of Lilian Bailey, compiled by Marjorie Aarons


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