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Psychic Researcher,
Author and Historian
(16th May, !883 - July 1964)

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Direct-Voice Medium
(Passed on: 24th May 1951)

The Voices of the 'Dead'

Arthur Findlay was a psychic researcher who examined psychic phenomena and meticulously recorded his findings and then published them. His informative books are still in print.

Arthur Findlay was an educated free-thinker, much opposed to orthodox religion because of its narrowness of thought. He disliked bigotry, hypocrisy and religious persecution in all their forms and he championed the right of the individual to think for himself. Like Thomas Paine, who encouraged people to use their reasoning powers, Findlay was a man before his time. Arthur's home was Stansted Hall in Essex, England, and he bequeathed his Jacobean Mansion to the Spiritualists' National Union -  and it is now known as the Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Studies.

Prophetically, Findlay states in his writings:
"Truth always wins through in the end, and some day natural religion will be accepted in the place of orthodox faiths which are slowly passing away in every country in which education exists."

Arthur Findlay investigated and wrote copiously about a gifted Independent Direct-Voice medium called John Campbell Sloan, through whose mediumship the so-called 'dead' were able to reproduce their voices and speak again to their loved ones in the seance room. Findlay published several books recording these fascinating two-worlds conversations (see below).

John Campbell Sloan was born in Dalbeattie, Scotland. He was a humble man who could sometimes be grumpy in outlook, but in his presence discarnate chemists and other specialists in the spirit world were able to extract from him, and also from his sitters, a psychic substance called ectoplasm (a kind of plasmic life-fluid) which they then 'moulded' into a voice-box through which their voices could be heard again in our world. For over forty years, John Sloan shared his mediumistic services free of charge to all his sitters.

Sloan's seances took place in a darkened room to help the subtle ectoplasm to form properly, and during the proceedings, which occurred in the early part of the 20th-Century, expert stenographers recorded in shorthand everything that was said. It was not uncommon in Sloan's physical mediumship circles for several spirit voices to speak at once, in different parts of the room.

Opposite, are some snippets of verbatim conversations.

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Stansted Hall in Essex -
Home of The Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Studies, which is attended by students from all parts of the world.

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A very Scottish voice spoke to one of the sitters, who was called Miss Colquhoun, and supplied his full name and address along with an insight into the difficulties that spirit communicators encounter when they try to contact our world:
Hoo (how) are you getting on? Aye (yes), you will no (not) remember me, lassie, but I used to know you when you came for holidays to Arran. It is John Cook of Banchory Hill, Sliddery Coome. I had a look through the farm the other day and we were amazed when we were speaking to them and they did not hear us. Aye, I thought I would like to have a bit word with you. I had aye (always) a soft corner in my heart for you, and lookit forward to the time when you came down in July and August.
Miss Colquhoun understood everything this communicator said, confirming that John Cook was indeed a farmer on the Island of Arran where she and her family had spent their holidays together.


Another spirit voice, this time a female one, said:
It is Margaret Cochrane speaking. I bring a message for Isobel McRobbie. All our love to her. She will know who it is - James and Margaret Cochrane - and our love to Jim too.
This message was sent to Miss McRobbie who was not present at the sitting but who afterwards revealed that James and Margaret Cochrane were brother and sister, and that they were her close relations. The Jim that the communicators had mentioned was her eldest brother, who was still on Earth.


John Sloan's wife had been a regular sitter in the physical circle and she continued to visit it after she had 'died'. John missed her terribly and was always wishing that he could join her. The Sloans affectionately referred to each other as "Mammy and Daddy Sloan". During one sitting when John dropped his handkerchief in the darkened room and couldn't find it, his 'dead' wife's voice immediately spoke from the Other Side, saying: Never mind, Daddy. I will let you see it. A beautiful light then appeared and hovered and spread about the floor for a while, after which the handkerchief was lifted up and placed in Mr Sloan's hands by someone on the Other Side. Mrs Sloan's voice said: There it is, Daddy; and John was so touched by the experience that he replied through his tears, "You are just the dearest wee lassie that ever was."


Many questions about Life on the Other Side are answered in Arthur Findlay's books by the spirit-world's inhabitants.

Some of Arthur Findlay's books are:

Where Two World Meet (extracts are quoted above)
On the Edge of the Etheric
The Way of Life
The Unfolding Universe
The Torch of Knowledge
The Rock of Truth
The Curse of Ignorance (2 volumes)
The Psychic Stream (2 volumes)


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