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Maurice Barbanell
(3rd May 1902 - 19th July 1981)
Medium and Founder-Editor
of Psychic News

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Spirit Guide, Silver Birch
(Passed on over 3,000 years ago).
A Psychic Portrait by
Artist Marcel Poncin.

A Two-World's Partnership that Spanned 61 years

Maurice Barbanell was an accomplished journalist and also the medium for the teachings of one of the most followed Spirit Guides in the world, known as Silver Birch.

Barbanell's gift of mediumship brought to seekers everywhere the trance-teachings of a soul who took on the guise of a humble Native American Indian, whose wsdom encourages his followers to live happier and more fulfilling llives.

Silver Birch's teachings explain why we have incarnated and point out to us the meaning of our existence; they also reveal the Universal Natural Laws by which we are all governed, and under which we all must live.

Silver Birch's books are unique and are highly recommended to anyone who wants to attain health and harmony in mind, body and spirit, and who wishes to discover the purpose and meaning of existence both here and hereafter.

Medium and guide co-operated for 61 years before Maurice Barbanell joined his inspirer in the world of spirit in 1981.



Some Books penned by the medium, Maurice Barbanell:

Where There is a Will
This is Spiritualism
The Power of the Spirit

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Here is a short example of the spirit sage's teachings:

Silver Birch Speaks:

"Man was born to be free, to dwell in liberty. He was not born to be a slave, bound and fettered. His life should be full of richness, the richness of mind and body and spirit. All knowledge should be open to him, all truth, all wisdom, all inspiration. He should dwell in the splendour of the spirit with none of the cramping, irksome, vexatious restrictions imposed upon him by those who would deny his heritage and thwart his destiny.

"The power of the spirit is the power of life. The reason why there is life is because Spirit is there. The power that fashioned the whole universe, majestic though it is and stupendously vast, is the same power which enables you to exist here and hereafter for all time.

"The power that enables you to love, to think, to care, to judge, to reflect, to decide, to weigh, to ponder, to be inspired, to reach the heights and depths of the whole gamut of human feelings - that power is the power of the spirit."

Some of the books of Silver Birch's verbatim trance teachings:

The Seed of Truth
Teachings of Silver Birch
More Teachings from Silver Birch
Light from Silver Birch
The Spirit speaks
Philosophy of Silver Birch
A Voice in the Wilderness
Wisdom of Silver Birch
Silver Birch Anthology


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